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BTP Classical Handlebar Tape
Perforated Oiled & Waxed Vegan Leather

BTP delivers the only bar tape fusing performance and style, . The Vegan Leather collection handlebar tape delivers the classical look  with that BTP performance, leave nothing to compromise.

  • Superior Hand Feel
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Lasting PU Tape
  • Natural Cork End Plugs
  • Finishing Tape


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Material: Synthetic leather (Vegan Leather)
Color: Black
Adhesive backing for easy installation
Thickness: 2mm
Size: 30mm x 2200mm
Package: 2 bar tapes Rolls, 2 Natural Cork end caps, 2 Black finishing tapes

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Who we are

We are young, but we have passion.

We are new, but we like to be unique.

We are different, because we want to be different

*Quality shows up in our people, our conversations and of course, our product.*

About BTP

Our main goal in creating BTP is to add a unique and stylish twist to the traditional bartapes on the market without compromising comfort and functionality.  We believe that no matter the size, color, and style of your bicycle; at BTP we have a handcrafted bartape just made for you.