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NGUD-LUMINOUS WHITE(Full Luminous Bartape)

NGUD-LUMINOUS WHITE(Full Luminous Bartape)



– Perfect bicycle bar tape for day and night
COMFORT – High density EVA on the back
For a Fun Ride- Luminous Material
Signature Pattern”CROSS” embossed  for more grip without damage the structure of the tape.
– 3.0mm EVA
– Tape size: 30mm x 2200mm(length)
– 2*Bartapes, 2*10cm Hood Wraps,
– 2*End Caps(BK), 2*BK Finishing Tape, BTP color box


Why  BTP Luminous Bartape

Newly launched Luminous bar tape delivers the flashiest bar tapes for the flashiest of riders. Fusing performance and style, BTP delivers the only bar tape worth dreaming about.
*Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, but from time to time batch colors may vary slightly. This is normal in all manufacturing. *The colors above may vary slightly from the actual product.
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Who we are

We are young, but we have passion.

We are new, but we like to be unique.

We are different, because we want to be different

*Quality shows up in our people, our conversations and of course, our product.*

About BTP

Our main goal in creating BTP is to add a unique and stylish twist to the traditional bartapes on the market without compromising comfort and functionality.  We believe that no matter the size, color, and style of your bicycle; at BTP we have a handcrafted bartape just made for you.