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Material: Synthetic leather with microfiber cloth (brown)

High density EVA form back support (green)

2 stitching lines add on the color layering (black)

Back adhesive tape

Breathing holes will shown the EVA color from back

Tickness: 3mm

Size: 30mm x 2000mm

Package: 2 bar tapes, 2 end caps (black plastic), 2 extra tapes (30x100mm), 2 finishing tape (black)

Sku: BMF2651BKGN



Why  BTP bartape

Our main goal in creating BTP is to add a unique and stylish twist to the traditional bartapes on the market without compromising comfort and functionality. We use innovated technology such as microfiber synthetic leather and high density EVA to create a variety of high quality BTP. We believe that no matter the size, color, and style of your bicycle; at BTP we have a handcrafted bartape made just for you.


  • high technology synthetic leather with microfiber cloth
  • made in taiwan

* If the production of different batches, the color will be slightly different, this is a reasonable siuation.

* Each screen showns the color saturation are slightly different.  For the actual colors, please prevail in real products.

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