NGUD-RAINBOW (Full Reflective Bartape)

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NGUD-RAINBOW (Full Reflective Bartape)

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 RAINBOW color gradient  REFLECTIVE  BarTape 

– Perfect bicycle bar tape for day and night
COMFORT – High density EVA on the back
SAFETY – Reflective Material
– 3.0mm EVA
– Tape size: 30mm x 2200mm(length)
– 2*Bartapes, 2*10cm Hood Wraps,
2*end caps, 2*BK finishing tape, BTP color box




Why  BTP Reflecive bartape

BTP reflective bar tapes are made for riders so that they are more visible in areas with traffic. With this full reflective design, the reflective area will be seen at any angle.  This is a new step towards a safer ride.
Limited by the reflective material, the surface of this tape is a bit smooth.
*if you really care about the gripping, please order the one has breath holes which will add more grip on of the tape.
This tape is fully reflective which can be seen at any angles. Not like other reflective tapes which only certain spots are reflected and the visible area is so small.
*Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, but from time to time batch colors may vary slightly. This is normal in all manufacturing. *The colors above may vary slightly from the actual product.
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